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Outdoor yoga classes

Doing yoga outdoors in nature rather than in a studio can enhance your practice in an entirely different way.
Nature connects us to our roots and you need to root down before you rise up. Outdoor yoga is a wonderful way to re-focus and re-root, to deepen your yoga experience.
Some of the benefits of taking your practice into nature include:
-Revitalising your lungs. Practicing yoga in the open air will ensure inhalation of better-quality oxygen, which, in turn, breaks down pollutants and toxins that may have been accumulated in your alveoli. With better oxygen, one tends to inhale and exhale more air, improving the performance of your heart.

-Getting your daily vitamin D dose!🌻



-Bare feet kissing the earth improves your heart health. Close contact with the earth helps to reduce body pain, releases stress and improves your sleep
– Being present. When you perform yoga in the arms of Mother Nature, you automatically improve your listening skills as you’re now away from human-made noises such as car honks. Without any distractions, you can establish a connection with your inner self.
– Connecting with your surroundings and with the environment.
– With your feet on the ground, your root chakra will start to match the frequency of the surroundings, making your mind more receptive and syncing with the rhythm of your heartbeat.
– A higher level of concentration due to the uneven terrain. This helps your body
to synchronize with the environment around you, increasing the intensity of the practice.
You also embrace the elements of nature such as wind, sun,  sand or water, and
systematically establish a relationship with these elements. E.g. the warmth of the sun and the moisture of the sea can help your muscles to be more flexible.
– And it’s a lot of fun 🙌

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